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When are you going to try to book it?

Where are you going to book?

An indoors or out doors event?

What will the weather be like at that time of the year?

Photos and videos, will get family or a friend to take the pictures or will you hire a professional? What about the dress?

What about the bridesmaids dresses?

The wedding rings?


The groom and ushers suits?

How much will it all cost?

These are just some of the many things that couples around the country struggle with around the year in an attempt to create the perfect fairy tale day for one and all.

Yes, a lot of it is for the bride to be, but come on fellas, some of you also want a day to remember where the love of you life is centre stage and looking absolutely stunning and marrying you!

The down side of getting this perfect day is all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to arrange everything and make sure that the right flowers are ordered, or that the menu is adequate for your friends and family needs. Making sure that Auntie Jessie isn’t on the same table as your groom’s friends as their sense of humour would probably make her want to drag you away to save you from this depraved man and his friends!

With all these things going on the last thing that you want to do is to pile more pressure on yourself? But the costs of an average wedding these days is quite scary so any little tricks that you can manage to reduce the costs will also help to keep your bank balance happy as well on this day of days.

So one of the great ways that you can save some money is by preparing your hair. There are so many amazing styles out there that are within your reach to obtain without breaking the bank and that’s what I hope to show you over my blog.

Let’s have fun, save money and still look gorgeous on the big day!